Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! Now what?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Did you make any resolutions? I did. But this year, I didn't set high goals. I set goals that I know are attainable. Instead of wanting to drop 20 lbs., I am aiming for 10. This way, anything over 10 will make me feel like a superstar!  

Every year I take time to reflect on what I accomplished the prior year. Along with reflecting on my accomplishments, I take time to ask myself if I was good to my loved ones. Was I the best mom I could have been? Was I the best wife I could have possibly been? Was I a good sister, daughter or friend?  I  truly believe that "Love" is the most powerful force on earth. When setting your goals, know that if you have un-forgiveness, hate, unsettled issues or anything that is not about full "Love" you will fail. You see, love is the force that allows us to feel good inside. And if you feel good inside, you are able to tackle and conquer any situation, any goal or any dream you have. When you harbor negative feelings inside, you only poison yourself. The other person that you have ill feelings for has moved on with their lives. They are not worried about how you are still feeling. They really don't care. So then, why are you living in that? Move on..... It's a new year! It's your year! Live in it. Show up for it. "LOVE" it!